High-Tech: Infinite Weapons

Pyramid #3/100: Pyramid Secrets includes my latest article “Infinite Weapons,” which contains descriptions, GURPS stats, and campaign suggestions for firearms that historically never went beyond prototype or even drawing board, but might have become important in alternate timelines.



High-Tech: MilGov M16EZ

In use the EZ model was inaccurate, unreliable, and often dangerous to the user. But it succeeded admirably because it fulfilled its purpose. It retained the basic silhouette of the M16 rifle and lent an air of authority to any force armed with it; the militia looked less rag-tag when it was not armed with deer rifles. It used standard military ammunition and magazines, which helped resupply situations. During the cold days of World War III, it was the rifle that the average citizen saw in the hands of the local militia; it represented a calming voice of authority in the midst of hard times.

‒ Loren Wiseman, Small Arms Guide


One of my favourite game settings is Twilight: 2000. Back in the days, we played both Twilight: 2000, First Edition and Twilight: 2000, Second Edition, although I soon switched to GURPS as a rule system. The Small Arms Guide introduced the M16EZ, a government-issued kit to assemble a militia rifle from second-hand parts and scrounged materials, banged together by a local mechanic.

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