Ultra-Tech: Shadowrun

Back in the day, one of my favourite game settings was the original Shadowrun, First Edition. I just loved the unique blend of cyberpunk and magic, combined with its heavy dose of Native American myths and of course the awesome presentation. I did not like the game system very much and never upgraded to one of the later editions.

Instead, I used GURPS as game engine and also blended in material from GURPS Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk 2020, and Cyberspace. That was in 1989/1990. I have since lost most of my notes, but still have some material from that time. Among it are a few drawings of customized weaponry I made to capture the spirit of the setting, inspired in part by real firearms and in part by illustrations in Shadowrun, First Edition, and in the Street Samurai Catalog, First Edition. I have written up the back story and game stats for these for your enjoyment. They work especially well together with my article “Tactical Shooting: Tomorrow” in Pyramid #3/55.

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