Tactical Shooting: Heat

Drop of a hat, these guys will rock and roll.

‒ Vincent Hanna in Heat (1995)


Michael Mann’s Heat (1995) was one of the most important inspirations for GURPS Tactical Shooting. The epic intertwined story of a gang of bank robbers and the LAPD detectives hunting them has everything that makes a film great ‒ compelling story, great actors,  articulate dialogue, awesome action, perfect music, cool props. Both the bank robbers led by Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) and the police detectives led by Lieutenant Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) display believable gun handling, with many scenes being excellent.

There are several high-profile gunfights in this motion picture, the most famous being of course the massive shootout in downtown Los Angeles. Although less spectacular, the gunfight in the Centinela drive-in theatre is also very interesting, since it showcases firing at and from moving cars. Here I examine how that would play out in GURPS. Watch just the scene here (the action starts at 0:39).

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Gangster Gats: Dillinger-Nelson Gang

… one bullet-proof vest, one loaded 50-round machine-gun drum, one Thompson sub-machine gun and one .45 automatic pistol and one high-powered rifle (nice people).

‒ SAC Hugh Clegg, memo to Director J. Edgar Hoover (04-APR-1934)


The gang of bank robbers loosely comprised of John Dillinger and a varying number of associates including “Baby Face Nelson” (Lester Gillis) operated in the Midwestern USA between 1933 and 1934. It was pursued relentlessly by the Bureau of Investigation. Several members were eventually arrested but most were killed. John Dillinger, Public Enemy No.1  from 22-JUN-1934, was shot by agents in Chicago, Illinois, on 22-JUL-1934. “Baby Face Nelson,” Public Enemy No.1 from 23-OCT-1934, was killed in Barrington, Illinois, on 27-NOV-1934.

I have previously attempted to describe the inventory in the Cthulhu ‒ Waffenhandbuch (2008) (p. 281). Here is a new approach, using a display assembled in 1966 at the FBI Headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, as a visual guide. Obviously this is only a partial list of their complete arsenal.

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Tactical Shooting: Collateral

Yo, Homie!

– Vincent in Collateral (2004)


Michael Mann’s Collateral (2004) is an excellent film, even though the premise of the story is a bit forced: A professional hit man, Vincent, is hired by a Colombian drug cartel to kill a whole bunch of witnesses on one night-long cab ride in Los Angeles. Despite the plot holes, the film features excellent photography, music, and of course the acting performance by the two leads, Tom Cruise as Vincent and Jamie Foxx as the cabbie Max Durocher.

Shooting Dice_2_Tactical Shooting_Collateral

Collateral was an important inspiration for GURPS Tactical Shooting, since Mann paid particular attention to the gun handling, as always. There is the use of the integrally suppressed .22-calibre Ruger MK II pistol (GURPS High-Tech, p. 100) in the jazz bar, the all-against-all shootout on the dance floor of Club Fever, the final duel on the metro train … Perhaps the most famous scene, at least among shooting enthusiasts, is the alleyway scene. This has been analysed by several shooting instructors, including Dom Raso and Larry Vickers. I have broken down other shootouts as they would play out in GURPS before, for example in my article “Famous Wild West Gunfights” (Pyramid #3/74, pp. 31-35). Below is the alleyway scene in GURPS terms. Watch just the scene here (the action starts at 1:13).

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