About the Author

My name is Hans-Christian “Grey Tiger” Vortisch. I’ve written, edited, and translated numerous books and articles for use with role-playing games.


I’ve authored the following GURPS books for Steve Jackson Games:

GURPS Modern Firepower (2002, ISBN 1-55634-580-1).


GURPS Covert Ops (2003, ISBN 1-55634-658-1). With William Stoddard.

GURPS WWII: Doomed White Eagle (2004, e23). With Michele Armellini.

GURPS WWII: Motor Pool (2004, ISBN 1-55634-642-5).


GURPS WWII: Michael’s Army (2005, e23). With Michele Armellini.

GURPS High-Tech, Fourth Edition (2007, ISBN 978-1-55634-770-2). With Shawn Fisher. Based on GURPS High-Tech, First Edition by Michael Hurst.


GURPS SEALs in Vietnam (2007, e23).

GURPS High-Tech: Pulp Guns 1 (2008, e23).

GURPS High-Tech: Pulp Guns 2 (2008, e23).

GURPS Martial Arts: Fairbairn Close Combat Systems (2008, e23).


GURPS Gun Fu (2009, e23). With Shawn Fisher and Sean Punch.

GURPS Loadouts: Monster Hunters (2009, e23). With Shawn Fisher.

GURPS Tactical Shooting (2011, ISBN 978-1-55634-804-4).


GURPS High-Tech: Adventure Guns (2014, e23).

I’ve edited one GURPS book for Steve Jackson Games; this entailed adding a considerable amount of new material.

GURPS Special Ops, Third Edition (2002, ISBN 1-55634-625-5). With William Toporek. Based on GURPS Special Ops, First Edition by Greg Rose.


I’ve contributed to the following GURPS books from Steve Jackson Games:

GURPS Cops (2001, ISBN 1-55634-458-9).

GURPS WWII (2001, ISBN 1-55634-565-8).

GURPS Vehicles Lite (2002, ISBN 1-55634-680-8).

GURPS WWII: Hand of Steel (2002, ISBN 1-55634-592-5).

GURPS WWII: Iron Cross (2002, ISBN 1-55634-593-3).

GURPS WWII: Return to Honor (2002, ISBN 1-55634-594-1).

GURPS WWII: Dogfaces (2003, ISBN 1-55634-636-0).

GURPS WWII: Frozen Hell (2003, ISBN 1-55634-639-5).

GURPS WWII: Grim Legions (2003, ISBN 1-55634-641-7).

GURPS SWAT (2003, ISBN 1-55634-721-9).

GURPS WWII: All the King’s Men (2004, ISBN 1-55634-640-9).

GURPS WWII: Their Finest Hour (2006, e23).

GURPS WWII: Red Tide (2009, e23).

I’ve authored the following Call of Cthulhu books for Sixtystone Press:

Investigator Weapons, Volume 1: The 1920s and 1930s (2012, ISBN 978-1-909126-04-6).


Investigator Weapons, Volume 2: Modern Day (2014, ISBN 978-1-909095-00-7).


Investigator Weapons, Volume 2.1: Overkill (2020).

I’ve authored the following Call of Cthulhu book for Pegasus Press:

Cthulhu ‒ Waffenhandbuch (2008, ISBN 978-3-939794-14-1). With contributions by Oliver Fedtke and Frank Heller.


I’ve contributed to the following Call of Cthulhu books for Pegasus Press:

Cthulhu ‒ Deutschland (2003, ISBN 3-930635-22-4).

Cthulhu ‒ Spielerhandbuch (2003, ISBN 3-930635-94-1)

Cthulhu ‒ Now (2006, ISBN 3-9837826-75-0).


Cthulhu ‒ Niemandsland: Grabenkrieg & Heimatfront (2007, ISBN 3-939794-03-1).

I’ve edited ‒ and in some cases, translated ‒ the following Call of Cthulhu books for Pegasus Press:

Cthulhu ‒ In Amerika (2000, ISBN 3-930635-19-4).

Cthulhu ‒ In Labyrinthen (2001, ISBN 3-930635-63-1).

Cthulhu ‒ In Nyarlathoteps Schatten (2001, ISBN 3-930635-29-1).

Cthulhu ‒ Spielleiterschirm (2001, ISBN 3-930635-43-7).

I’ve contributed to the following Call of Cthulhu book for Chaosium:

Horror on the Orient Express, Second Edition (2015, ISBN 978-1568823904).

I’ve contributed to the following Call of Cthulhu book for Stygian Fox:

Hudson & Brand (2017).

I’ve contributed to the following Delta Green book for Arc Dream:

Delta Green ‒ Agent’s Handbook (2016, ISBN 978-1-940410-21-0).

I’ve contributed to the following d20 book for Wizards of the Coast:

d20 Mecha: Weapons Locker (2004, ISBN 0-7869-3132-9).

I’ve contributed to the following d20 book for Guardians of Order:

d20 Mecha: Military Vehicles (2004, ISBN 1-894525-66-3).


I have written many articles for game magazines. These include:

The Armourer (Grey Tiger Publications)

I’ve written, edited, and illustrated the entire A1 (1998) and A2 (1999) issues.

About the Author_Armourer

The Black Seal (Brichester University Press)

Firearms of the UK & Irish Police & Military” (Volume 1 Number 1, 2001).


Challenge (GDW)

Twilight: 2000 ‒ Infantry Weapons” (Issue 72, 1994).


Twilight: 2000 ‒ German Combat Equipment” (Issue 77, 1995).

Cthulhoide Welten (Pegasus Press)

“Auf der Seite von Recht und Ordnung” (Issue 2, APR-2002).

 Pyramid (Steve Jackson Games)

Special Ops Weapons of Today” (23-JUN-2000).

Heavy Metal: Four 20th Century Tanks for GURPS” (22-DEC-2000). With Onno Meyer.

Secret Weapons in GURPS” (26-JAN-2001).

Autocannons for GURPS” (11-MAY-2001).

The Long Arm of the Law: Police Weapons in GURPS” (31-AUG-2001).

I Am Iron Man: Combat Golems in GURPS Technomancer” (30-NOV-2001).

Roadblock: Four 20th Century Armored Cars for GURPS” (10-MAY-2002). With Onno Meyer.

Designer’s Notes: GURPS Modern Firepower” (11-OCT-2002).

Supporting Cast: Lauri Törni/Larry Thorne” (31-JAN-2003).

Modern Vikings: Naval Special Warfare Units in Northern Europe” (07-MAR-2003).

In Her Majesty’s Service: Weapons and Equipment of the Late Victorian British Soldier” (04-JUL-2003).

Shadow Wolves” (05-DEC-2003).

Designers’ Notes: GURPS Covert Ops” (26-DEC-2003). With William Stoddard.

Designer’s Notes: GURPS WWII: Motor Pool” (14-MAY-2004).

The Shanghai Municipal Police” (04-JUN-2004).

The Black Hawk in GURPS” (30-JUL-2004).

Supporting Cast: Frank Hamer, Texas Ranger” (18-MAR-2005).

Designers’ Notes: GURPS High-Tech” (09-NOV-2007). With Shawn Fisher.

Modern Firepower at the Movies” (11-APR-2008).

“Monster Hunter Firepower at the Movies” (Pyramid #3/31, MAY-2011).

“Hell on Wheels” (Pyramid #3/53, MAR-2013).

“Tactical Shooting: Tomorrow” (Pyramid #3/55, MAY-2013).


“The Devil’s Chariot” (Pyramid #3/57, JUL-2013).

“Alternate Guns Specialities and Techniques” (Pyramid #3/65, MAR-2014).

“Tigerphobia” (Pyramid #3/67, MAY-2014).

“Revisiting High-Tech” (Pyramid #3/70, AUG-2014).

“Tactical Shooting: Monster Hunters” (Pyramid #3/73, NOV-2014).


“Famous Wild West Shootouts” (Pyramid #3/74, DEC-2014).

“Post-Apocalyptic Guns” (Pyramid #3/88, FEB-2016). With Shawn Fisher.

“Infinite Weapons” (Pyramid #3/100, FEB-2017).

The Unspeakable Oath (Arc Dream)

“Armed at the Opera” (Issue 25, JUL-2018, ISSN 2334-4180).

Worlds of Cthulhu (Pegasus Press)

“American Police Weapons between the Wars” (Issue 4, 2006, ISBN 3-937826-63-7).