Lovecraft’s “The Hound”

Part of Lovecraft’s Investigators and Their Guns.

(set in 1922?, written in 1922, published in 1923)

Now, as the baying of that dead fleshless monstrosity grows louder and louder, and the stealthy whirring and flapping of those accursed web-wings closer and closer, I shall seek with my revolver the oblivion which is my only refuge from the unnamed and unnameable.


The unnamed investigator carried his revolver while travelling from England to Holland. This suggests an easily concealed pocket revolver rather than a big army weapon. In the 1920s, owning a handgun in Great Britain already required a firearm certificate (Investigator Weapons 1: The 1920s and 1930s, pp. 21-22). All major foreign makes and many minor ones were imported and sold in British gun shops. However, a British-made revolver would perhaps be more likely. Possibilities include the Webley No.2 in .320 Centrefire (7.95×15mmR), the Webley Mk III in .320 Centrefire, the Webley WP in .380 Centrefire (9.1×18mmR), or even the Webley No.2 British Bull Dog in .450 Adams (11.5×17mmR).

SD_The Hound


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