Ultra-Tech: Shadowrun

Back in the day, one of my favourite game settings was the original Shadowrun, First Edition. I just loved the unique blend of cyberpunk and magic, combined with its heavy dose of Native American myths and of course the awesome presentation. I did not like the game system very much and never upgraded to one of the later editions.

Instead, I used GURPS as game engine and also blended in material from GURPS Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk 2020, and Cyberspace. That was in 1989/1990. I have since lost most of my notes, but still have some material from that time. Among it are a few drawings of customized weaponry I made to capture the spirit of the setting, inspired in part by real firearms and in part by illustrations in Shadowrun, First Edition, and in the Street Samurai Catalog, First Edition. I have written up the back story and game stats for these for your enjoyment. They work especially well together with my article “Tactical Shooting: Tomorrow” in Pyramid #3/55.


Colt Government MK IV, .45 ACP (USA, 1985-1998)

Date: 1987-1991 | Object Number: IX.5045

Materials: Steel, plastic, aluminium


This is an antique Colt pistol fitted with an underbarrel B-Square BSL-1 targeting laser (GURPS High-Tech, pp. 156-157) that is almost as antique. The Government MK IV Series 80 is an improved version of the original Colt Government (High-Tech, p. 98). This one has an extended magazine (High-Tech, p. 160) for 10 rounds.

It was confiscated from an Alamos 20,000 terrorist cell in Seattle in 2050.

ČZ Sa vz.22 Black Scorpion, 8×15mm Caseless (Czech Republic, 2022-2050)

Date: 2037 | Object Number: QC25-30-6c

Materials: Steel, plastic, stone, smoked leather, fur, turquoise


Updated from the ČZ Sa vz.61 Škorpión (High-Tech, p. 125) and Sa vz.91 Škorpión machine pistols, the Czech-made Samopal vzor 22 (“machine pistol model 2022”) is sold as the Black Scorpion on the export market.

This pistol has been extensively decorated. The Zuñi pattern on the receiver is painted in red acrylic. The bear talisman has been cut from a piece of plastic and painted black, using the same paint that has been used for the stylised bear paw print on grip. The polished turquoise is attached with leather strips from a deer. The deer fur sleeve around the barrel nut allows the conclusion that the weapon has not been fired much since its decoration, maybe never. The original folding stock has been removed (ST 8, Bulk -2, Rcl 3).

Ingram Model 20T, 11×25mm Caseless (CAS, 2045-)

Date: 2050 | Object Number: QC25-711-5

Materials: Steel, plastic, aluminium, stone, leather, feather


The Model 20 Target resembles the famous MAC-Ingram Model 10 (High-Tech, p. 126), but since Gordon Ingram died in 2004 and his original company was dissolved in 1975, this as well as the brand name is mainly a ploy to appeal to the nostalgic buyer. It is chambered for a non-telescoped 11×25mm Caseless cartridge. Like the Model 10, the Model 20T has a folding and retracting shoulder stock. It usually comes with an optional 1-lb. baffle sound suppressor (High-Tech, p. 159), which increases Bulk to -4* when fitted and gives -4 to Hearing. This costs ¥1,000. It has an integrated trigger safety instead of a conventional manual safety. The T-version is sold as a “smartgun” (p. B278) and features an integral HUD link (GURPS Ultra-Tech, p. 149), with its digital camera and targeting laser assembly (Pyramid #3/55, p. 8) under the barrel.

This specimen has been decorated in the Mescalero Apache style, showing a wolf design on the smartlink adapter. The leather hanger includes wolf teeth. A polished turquoise has been glued onto the action.

SCK 100 Shiki Kikantanjū, 9×20mm Caseless (Japan, 2040-)

Date: 2050 | Object Number: QC25-857-8

Materials: Steel, plastic, aluminium


Produced by Shin Chō Kōgyō (SCK), the 100 Shiki Kikantanjū (“submachine gun type 100”) was designed in the Japanese year 2700 (2040). This “smartgun” combines composite construction and a neural interface in a traditional magazine-in-the-grip configuration. It features a retractable stock. The integral HUD link with its digital camera and targeting laser assembly is located below the barrel.

The specimen depicted is from the armoury of one of the most famous units to adopt it, the security force of the Renraku Kabushiki Kaisha, who are known as the Akai Samurai (“red samurai”). SCK is a fully-owned holding of Renraku.

Kalashnikov AK-98, 5×48mm Caseless (Russia, 1997-)

Date: 2011 | Object Number: QC30-2000-2B

Materials: Steel, aluminium, wood, smoked deer skin, beads


The AK-97 is the Avtomat Kalashnikova of the 21st century, produced by Koncern Kalashnikov. Externally, it deviates little from the original AK-74 design (High-Tech, p. 114), but fires a non-telescoped 5×48mm Caseless cartridge and features a digital shot counter (Pyramid #3/55, p. 7). The AK-97 series has an effective muzzle brake, reducing recoil (GURPS Tactical Shooting, p. 76).

The AK-98 is a variant with an integral 30mm underbarrel grenade launcher that is similar to the old KBP GP-25 (High-Tech, p. 142).

The weapon illustrated has been decorated in the style of the Tsimshian. The plastic stock has been replaced by a wooden one that is carved to represent a sea lion, while the plastic pistol grip has been replaced by a wooden one representing a thunderbird. Thunderbird and turtle motifs have been painted on the handguard and grenade launcher. Leather strips with beads have been glued under the launcher.

H&K G11A2, 4.73×33mm Caseless (Germany, 2015-2045)

Date: 2040 | Object Number: QC30-2578-0

Materials: Steel, aluminium, plastic, shark skin, silk


The original H&K G11 was introduced in 1990 (High-Tech, p. 119), while the G11A2 became available in 2015. In addition to slight ergonomic improvements, it has a digital shot counter and a new adjustable Zeiss sight that combines collimating sight and 1-4× variable scope (+1 Guns or +0 to +2 Acc, ignores -3 in darkness penalties, expensive, A/200 hrs.).

The rifle illustrated was recovered from an anonymous street samurai in Seattle in 2050. It has been painted and the plastic pistol grip has been covered in shark skin and wrapped with black silk over a golden fish menuki, just like the tsuka or handle of a traditional katana.


See pp. B268-271 for an explanation of the statistics.

GUNS (PISTOL) (DX-4 or most other Guns at ‑2)
TL Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC
8 Colt Government MK IV, .45 ACP 2d pi+ 2 150/1,600 2.8/0.5 3 7/10+1(3) 10 -2 3 ¥650/¥27 3
GUNS (SMG) (DX-4 or most other Guns at ‑2)
TL Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Notes
9 ČZ Sa vz.22 Black Scorpion, 8×15mmCL 2d pi 2 120/1,500 6/0.3 15 25+1(3) 7† -3* 2 ¥250/¥25 2 [1]
9 Ingram Model 20T, 11×25mmCL 3d pi+ 3 175/2,000 6.6/0.9 20 32+1(3) 9† -3* 2 ¥950/¥25 2 [1]
9 SCK 100 Shiki, 9×20mmCL 3d pi 4 160/1,800 9.9/0.5 10 30+1(3) 8† -3* 2 ¥1,000/¥25 2 [1]
GUNS (RIFLE) (DX-4 or most other Guns at ‑2)
TL Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Notes
9 Kalashnikov AK-98, 5×48mmCL 4d+2 pi 4 450/3,000 12/0.6 11 30+1(3) 9† -6 2 ¥1,500/¥20 2 [1 , 2]
9 H&K G11A2, 4.73×33mmCL 4d+2 pi 5 500/3,000 9.3/1 9#/7 50+1(3) 9† -4 2 ¥2,200/¥30 2 [1]
GUNS (GRENADE LAUNCHER) (DX-4 or most other Guns at ‑2)
TL Weapon Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Notes
9 Kalashnikov AK-98, 30mm 4d [2d] cr ex 1 25/450 12/0.4 1 1(3) 9† -6 2 ¥1,500 1 [3, 4]

[1] Very Reliable. Won’t malfunction unless lack of maintenance lowers Malf. (p. B407).

[2] Cost, Weight, and Bulk include the integral underbarrel grenade launcher.

[3] First Range figure is minimum range, not 1/2D.

[4] Cost, Weight, and Bulk include the parent rifle.


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